Tower Fortress


Climb a tower filled with monsters


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Tower Fortress is a 2D arcade platformer where you control a hero strapped with powerful armor, who has to climb as high as possible in a tower filled with traps and dangerous foes.

The bottom part of the screen contains all of the virtual controls for Tower Fortress. You have to keep in mind that on top of your normal jump, you can also double jump, which adds a spin that deals damage to enemies. Plus, if you jump onto a wall you can wall jump to climb even higher. At the beginning of each game you start with a normal weapon, but as you advance you can unlock all kinds of new weapons with special properties.

During your climb you'll encounter energy orbs, which you can use to unlock new armor for your character. In total there are more than twenty different sets of armor, each with a unique appearance and special characteristics. Some armor increases your hitpoints, others let you jump higher, and some even reduce the health of bosses.

Tower Fortress is yet another excellent game from Nitrome, which has a long track record of making great games. As always, the game features incredible pixelated graphics, precise controls, and fun gameplay that's perfect for mobile devices.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher

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